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The IEEE EMC Madras chapter is forum for the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) community in the region.

IEEE EMC Society Madras Chapter

Report on Inaugural meeting and the Distinguished Lecture

The Inaugural Meeting cum Distinguished Lecture of the IEEE EMC Society was held on Friday, July 12, 2013. A total of 43 delegates participated in the meeting. The delegates represented various Industries, Academic Institutions and R&D organisations. Among the delegates there were Seven IEEE EMC society members and one IEEE members were

Dr. B. Subbarao, the Founding Chair of the Chapter delivered the welcome address. In his speech he high lightened the formation of the EMCS Madras chapter as a major achievement. It was like a dream come true with lot of efforts put over the years in forming the chapter. The chapter is the first single society EMC Chapter formed in the country. He also briefed the growth of EMI/EMC awareness and activities in the country

This was followed by the distinguished lecture by Dr. Vignesh Rajamani, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Oklahoma State University. Mr. G. Mahesh, Scientist-D, SAMEER-CEM introduced Dr. Vignesh Rajamani to the participants. The lecture titled "A practitioners approach to EMC testing with Reverberation Chambers" evoked good interest in the participants which was evident with the large number of queries made.

The lecture was concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr. P. Salil, Vice-Chair / Secretary, EMCS Madras Chapter.

The lecture was followed by the tea session where the participants were involved in discussion on the future events of the chapter. There were a lot of requests for lectures on EMI/EMC at different organisations and colleges. With the inputs, it was decided that the next event will be a workshop for the teachers from the Engineering Colleges, in a way to enable them to pass on the fundamentals to the students. Mr. T R Suresh Kumar, Treasurer, EMCS Madras Chapter agreed to organise the event. This will be followed by industry specific meeting proposed to be held for the benefit of the automobile industry to discuss the problems and issues as well as other suggestions related to the EM compliance.

The inaugural meeting came to a close after the tea session.

Dr. Vignesh Rajamani, delivering the lecture
 "A practitioners approach to EMC testing with Reverberation Chambers"

Participants involved discussions during the tea session L-R : Dr. B. Subbarao, Founding Chair, Dr. Vignesh Rajamani, IEEE DL, Mr. P Salil, Vice Chair and Mr. T. R. Suresh Kumar, Treasurer