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The IEEE EMC Madras chapter is forum for the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) community in the region.
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Seminar on “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Education, Industrial and Research Perspectives”
28 September 2013

IEEE EMC Society Madras Chapter organised a one day Technical Seminar on “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Education, Industrial and Research Perspectives” jointly with Muthayammal College of Engineering on September 28, 2013. The primary aim in organising the event was to take a first step into motivating the young people, right from the student stage into the area of the EMI/EMC as well as to make them understand about the importance, avenues and opportunities offered by the subject. The chapter also was looking into providing opportunities for the talents from the rural areas,  who are generally denied oppertunities as most of similar technical events are held at major cities. The event was organized the at Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, a relatively rural part of the region. The seminar was attended by 55 participants, including 11 IEEE members from various engineering colleges in the region. It is also worth mentioning that the event witnessed a higher ratio of female student participants.

Prof. T. R. Suresh Kumar, Treasurer, IEEE EMCS Madras Chapter & Asst Professor, ECE Dept., Muthayammal Engineering College welcomed the delegates. He recalled the efforts made by the Chair and Vice-Chair in the formation of the chapter.  Also he thanked Dr. B. Subbarao for choosing Muthayammal Engineering College as the venue for the seminar. In the inaugural address, Dr. B. Subbarao, Founding Chair, IEEE EMCS Madras Chapter & Head, EMC Research Division, SAMEER – Center for Electromagnetics, Chennai recalled the Indian history of EMC. He also reiterated the role of professional organizations like IEEE and Society of EMC Engineers in the growth of engineers.

Subsequently, Dr. B. Subbarao delivered a lecture on “EMI Control Techniques, EMC Education, and Research”. In his lecture he outlined the Sources of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), EMI mitigating techniques like grounding, bonding, shielding and filtering. In his conclusion he stated the importance of EMC education in undergraduate and postgraduate level and the need for quality research in the development of science and technology.

In the second session, Shri. P. Salil, Vice Chair, IEEE EMCS Madras Chapter & Scientist – D, EMC Division, SAMEER – Center for Electromagnetics, Chennai delivered a lecture on “Computational Electromagnetics - A brief introduction”. He emphasized that student should make use of open source electromagnetic software tools and code to visualize the electromagnetic environment. In his lecture he listed and discussed about the different numerical techniques in computational electromagnetics. With step by step graphical explanation he explained how a parabolic antenna is modeled and radiation pattern is calculated. 

In the concluding session Prof. T. R. Suresh Kumar delivered a lecture on “Education Perspectives of EMC”.  He discussed the four Maxwell equations and its importance in electromagnetics. With case studies he explained the importance of EMC in the life of a common man. 

Prof. T. R. Suresh Kumar welcoming the gathering

Dr B Subbarao speaking in the Inaugural address

Dr B Subbarao delivering the lecture

Mr P Salil delivering the Lecture

Prof T R Suresh Kumar delivering the Lecture

Organizing team with the speakers