IEEE EMC Society Madras Chapter
Our Chapter
The IEEE EMC Madras chapter is forum for the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) community in the region.

About us

IEEE EMC Society Madras Chapter looks forward to bring together the people from academics, industries, R&D organisations who are interested / working in the field of EMI/EMC. It is aimed in providing a common platform for engineering community from the region, where they can learn and share knowledge related to EMI/EMC. At the initial stage, it is proposed have a membership drive to have more EMC society members as well as to have more volunteers for different activities taken up by the chapter.

The region is home to many global automobile industries as well as IT hardware related companies. Lot of international design works is being outsourced to the region for cost advantages. The chapter aim in bringing EMC expertise to these industries via knowledge sharing programmes. The region also houses 400 Engineering colleges. The chapter aims to prove EMC exposure to the students via regular lectures at various colleges as well as by organising seminars. The chapter aims in creating a bridge between the specialised industries in the region to the global expertise via IEEE